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Ironing Can Be Easy Photograph by Debra Martz

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Comments (36)

Cynthia Guinn

Cynthia Guinn 18 Days Ago

Great display! l/f/fb

Debra Martz replied:

Thank you so much!

LaDonna McCray

LaDonna McCray 18 Days Ago

Nicely done

Debra Martz replied:

Thank you!

Debra Martz

Debra Martz 19 Days Ago

Thank you all very much for your comments! ~♥~

Leif Sohlman

Leif Sohlman 20 Days Ago

Beautiful presentation of Ironing Can Be Easy Debra

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann 20 Days Ago


Jasna Dragun

Jasna Dragun 20 Days Ago

And Pin...

Jasna Dragun

Jasna Dragun 20 Days Ago

Great find and capture! l/f

Renata Natale

Renata Natale 20 Days Ago

OMG, hysterical. I have barely ever ironed anything. I love the box of "faultless" starch as well. Fun capture!

Debra Martz replied:

You had the same reaction I did when I rounded the corner in the museum and saw this!! Thanks!!

Lisa Wooten

Lisa Wooten 20 Days Ago

Very nice. L/F

Dora Hathazi Mendes

Dora Hathazi Mendes 25 Days Ago

My mom.sat and watched tv while ironing, until told to my dad that she won't do it anymore.. so I learned from the best, I iron my husband shirts only on summer and when the weather is warm. When cold, I say him it is pointless because the pullover hide all the wrinkles so don't take it off :)

Debra Martz replied:

Dora, you’re a first that I’ve heard of anyone sitting to iron! Thank you for sharing!!

Debra Martz

Debra Martz 25 Days Ago

Frozen in Time Photography, Thank you very much for the feature in your Fine Art America group, New FAA uploads.

Peggy Collins

Peggy Collins 25 Days Ago

She's quite the lazy ironer, isn't she? My mom never saw while ironing. Just sayin'!

Debra Martz replied:

For sure; never saw my mom sit either.

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn 25 Days Ago

Ha, never easy for me...I wish I still had my mom's old roller iron, now that was easy....

Debra Martz replied:

A roller iron...that would be nice!

Debra Martz

Debra Martz 25 Days Ago

Thanks everyone for the comments. Some supplied me with even more laughs than when I first saw this! ~♥~

Johanna Hurmerinta

Johanna Hurmerinta 25 Days Ago


Eddie Barron

Eddie Barron 25 Days Ago

very nice

Cathy Mahnke

Cathy Mahnke 25 Days Ago

An interesting bit of history

Windy Craig

Windy Craig 25 Days Ago


Jen Shearer

Jen Shearer 25 Days Ago


Jennifer Jenson

Jennifer Jenson 26 Days Ago

Wow! Great shot...I love it...if I need 150 photos how easy can it be??

Debra Martz replied:

Thanks! I wanted to open to see some of those photos but of course, that is not what one should do with a museum piece.

Jim Love

Jim Love 26 Days Ago

Never was easy for me...I learned to love wrinkles

Debra Martz replied:

Same for me!

Belinda Greb

Belinda Greb 26 Days Ago

Ha, I found a way and I never needed a book!

Patricia Hofmeester

Patricia Hofmeester 26 Days Ago

Great fun find and capture! Sitting down...:)

La Moon Art

La Moon Art 26 Days Ago


Terry Weaver

Terry Weaver 26 Days Ago

Great nostalgic capture!

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Ironing Can Be Easy by Debra Martz
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